Witton Hall Guest Information

Welcome to Witton Hall we hope you enjoy your stay. To assist you and ensure you get the most from your visit we have provided some helpful information about Witton Hall and the surrounding area.

Please pay particular attention to the items relating to the use of our Fitness Centre including the Safety and Emergency procedures.


For International arrival and departure Newcastle (International & Domestic) Airport is located 38 miles / 51 minutes’ drive from Witton Hall.


The nearest ATM is located in the centre of Crook at Barclays Bank 5 miles/10 minutes’ drive from Witton Hall 

Baggage Assistance

Guests can request assistance with their baggage upon arrival and departure when collecting/returning their keys to our management staff.

Bathrobe & Slippers

For your comfort we have provided each guest with a bathrobe and a set of complementary slippers while staying with us at Witton Hall. If you would like to purchase your Robe please speak to one of our staff who will be happy to assist you.

Check in Time

Check in time is from 3.00pm. However guest requests are accommodated whenever possible by prior arrangement with the management. Please be aware that early check in times may incur an addition charge

Check out Time

Check out time is 10.00am. However guest requests are accommodated whenever possible by prior arrangement with the management. Please be aware that late checkout times may incur an addition charge

Credit Cards

All major credit cards are acceptable. However the management reserve the right to charge an administration fee where applicable.


Please note, that any loss and /or damages to equipment and property of Witton Hall will be payable by the guest.

These costs will be deducted from any security deposit we may be holding or alternatively payable in cash / direct Bank Transfer prior to leaving Witton Hall

Early Departure

In the case of early departure, please notify our staff as soon as possible so arrangements can be made for the return of the keys and any security deposit we may be holding.

Emergency & Medical Services:

Note: the name of this property is: Witton Hall, Witton Le Wear, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham DL14 0AZ Telephone: 01388 488 179

Police/Fire/Ambulance DIAL 999 
NHS Medical Assistance Direct Number DIAL 111

Location of the nearest:

  • Hospital: Bishop Auckland Tel: 01388 455 000
  • Dentist: Crook Tel: 01388 762 522
  • Chemist: The Co-Operative Pharmacy Crook Tel: 01388 766 718

Fire Evacuation Assembly Point

In case of a fire, the evacuation assembly point is at the back of Witton Hall on the top terrace overlooking the driveway to the right of Suite 3.

Fire Blanket:

A Fire Blanket is provided in all our Suites including the South Lodge. This important safety item is either located in the right hand draw of the writing desk, or the bottom draw in the kitchen.

First Aid Kit:

A First Aid Kit is located in the kitchen under the sink

Fitness Centre

The Witton Hall Fitness Centre is located in the main building of Witton Hall and can be accessed by the front terrace steps adjacent to the drive way facing South Lodge.

Operating hours are from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Saturday and closed on Sunday to allow for maintenance and pool cleaning. Please also be aware, that in the interest of safety, access to the Fitness Centre is by appointment only to ensure there is a member of the management present at all times.

The facilities in the Fitness Centre include a gym, sauna and indoor swimming pool equipped with a wave machine and spa.

To arrange an appointment please telephone 01388 488 179


To ensure our accommodation is maintained at a high standard for all our guests, a daily housekeeping service has been provided for your suite.

For your comfort and convenience housekeeping services will be carried out between the hours of 10.00am and 2.00pm.

Our Housekeeping Service will also assist you with any requests for extra pillows, blankets, fresh/extra towels and additional supplies.

Hot Tubs

The Hot Tubs can be used between 10.00am to 10.00pm daily. If you wish to use this facility outside of this timeframe please speak to a member of our staff who will be happy to assist you.

Please also be aware that when getting in and out of the hot tub you will need to “MIND YOUR HEAD” on the ceiling of the pergola.

Internet Service:

Wi-Fi connection to the internet is available in your Suite. Please ask a member of the management for the password to access the internet.


A fully equipped laundry including an Iron & Ironing Board is available on the grounds adjacent to the clock tower.

Lost & Found:

For lost and found items please contact the management at the Hall

Local Facilities

Location of the nearest:


Tesco Bishop Auckland St Helens Industrial Estate Auckland, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham DL14 9AB Tel: 0345 026 9626 – Open 24hrs

Sainsbury’s Auckland St Helens Auckland, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham DL14 9AE Tel: 01388 605 980 – Open 8.30am to 10.00pm

Morrisons Auckland Bob Hardisty Drive, Bishop Auckland, Co Durham DL14 7TN Tel: 01388 450 218 – Open 7.00am to 9.00pm

Post office:

New Road Crook, Co Durham DL15 8ND – Open 9.00am to 5.30pm


Barclays Bank 7 South Street, Crook, Co Durham DL15 8NE Tel: 0345 734 5345 – open 9.30am to 4.30pm

Train Station:

Durham Railway Station, North Road Durham, Co Durham DH1 4RB Tel: 03457 484959 

Petrol Station

Oakley Service Station Staindrop Road, Bishop Auckland Co Durham D14 9PB

Tel: 01388 832514 Open 9.00am to 5.00pm

Local Pubs & Restaurants

We have two local Pubs in Witton Le Wear

Directly opposite the Hall and within easy walking distance of your accommodation is The Victoria Inn which serves meals and drinks including Sunday Lunch. 

A short walk down the Road turning right past the Church is the Dunn Cow a traditional English Pub where you can join the locals for a drink and a game of darts.


If you feel like a short drive to the neighbouring village Fir Tree, Crook DL15 8DG, you can visit The Duke of York which serves traditional Pub Fare the contact details for booking ahead are: Tel: 01388767429

However, If you want to book a “Fine Dining Experience” try Oro located at The Pump House on the outskirts of Durham DH1 3PJ. This restaurant is short drive or taxi ride from Witton Hall and well worth a visit, the contact details for booking ahead are: Tel: 01913840832

Outside BBQ & Kitchen

As this is a shared facility we recommend that guests make a pre-booking time for using the outside BBQ and Kitchen facilities.

Management Telephone Contact Details:

You can speak with our management at any time by telephoning:

P: 01388 488 179

M: 07407 164996

Ornamental Fish Ponds

We have three very large ornamental fish ponds located within the grounds of Witton Hall. Two external fish ponds within the gardens, together with one internal fish pond located in our Fitness Centre. In the interest of safety, children must be in supervised at all times when entering the Witton Hall.


For the comfort of all our guests our Suites are non-smoking. However there are smoking bins situated throughout the grounds of Witton Hall for your convenience and use.

Taxi Services:

If you require a Taxi your local Taxi contact details are:

Wheelz Taxi’s Tel: 01388 765828 OR Mobile: 07768650344

Tennis Court

As this is a shared facility we recommend that guests make a pre-booking time for using the Tennis Court. To make the most of your experience we recommend that guests arrive 5 minutes prior to their booking.

Tourist Office

Durham Tourist Information Centre 17 Claypath, Co Durham DH1 1RH Tel: 0300 026 2626 Open 9.30am to 5.30pm

Witton Hall Fitness Centre

Witton Hall Fitness Centre offers a variety of activities for our guests. However, please ensure you have read the conditions of use prior to using our Fitness Centre facilities. Also, in the interest of safety, Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the Fitness Centre unsupervised by a parent or accompanying adult.

Gym Facilities

Our gym offers a range of equipment including rowing machine, static weights & a cycling machine

Swimming Pool with Wave Machine & Spa

The indoor swimming is fully heated and contains a wave machine; this can be operated by pressing the button at the head of the pool next to the jets. Please note:



As this is a shared facility we recommend that guests make a pre-booking time for using the Sauna. To make the most of your experience we recommend that guests arrive 5 minutes prior to their booking.

Shower & Toilet Facilities

For your convenience there are showers and toilets located in the Fitness Centre

Keeping The Peace

We ask that you turn your mobile phones to silent when using the Fitness Centre for the comfort of all guests. Children under the age of 18 are not permitted in the fitness centre unsupervised by a parent or accompanying adult. Smoking in the Fitness Centre is not allowed under any circumstances.

Always Take Care

Witton Hall shall not be liable for any accident or injury suffered by any members or guests. If you have a medical condition or complications please consult your health practitioner before undertaking any activities in our Fitness Centre.

Questions or Assistance:

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with our Management who will be happy to assist you.

Guest Terms and Conditions of Stay at Witton Hall

To ensure all our Guests enjoy their visit and get the most from their stay, and to ensure we comply with all and any Local Bylaws, including any Safety Regulations we ask our guests to support and following the “Witton Hall Guest Terms and Conditions of Stay” during occupancy of their suite and to whilst on the grounds of Witton Hall.


1.1  The Guest shall act as agent for other guests (if any) in the party (“Group”) and by booking with Witton Hall the Guest confirms he/she has authority from the Group to act on its behalf and in so doing individual members of the Group contract with Witton Hall to these Terms & Conditions of Stay at Witton Hall. 

1.2  Witton Hall acts as an agent on behalf of the owner of the property for the booking reservation and for all other clauses Witton Hall acts as principal to this Agreement. 

1.3  The booking reservation shall be subject to the Guest Terms and Conditions of Stay at Witton Hall and any additional booking terms which have been notified to the Guest at the time of booking (“Booking Terms”).  In case of conflict, these Guest Terms & Conditions of Stay prevail over any Booking Terms save for any expressly amended, authorised and agreed cancellation rights and payment terms including but not limited to wholesale contracts, meeting and event contracts, corporate rates and online travel agency agreements.  No change to these Guest Terms & Conditions of Stay is permitted without the express written consent of Witton Hall.

2.  Booking Reservations

2.1  Guest may check in from 3.00pm on the day of arrival.  Check out time is 10.00am. 

2.2  Booking Reservations cannot be applied to alternative dates, nor extended or reduced without prior agreement with Witton Hall.  Room types and facilities are specified in the Booking Terms. 

2.3  Guest booking reservations will be retained by Witton Hall until 3pm on the arrival date and may be cancelled thereafter by Witton Hall without further liability on Witton Hall’s part unless Witton Hall has agreed otherwise in writing.

2.4  Witton Hall reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to release any booking reservation at any time without charge, penalty, loss or damage if it believes that the guest is unfit to stay at Witton Hall. Unfit can mean being drunk, disorderly, abusive, aggressive or impolite or causing a danger to other guests, Witton Hall employees and contractors. 

2.5  Booking Reservations are personal to the Guest and cannot be resold or transferred without the express written permission of Witton Hall.   

2.6  For reservations of over 3 rooms (“Group Booking”), Please telephone Witton Hall directly in order to make a Group Booking.


3.1  Booking Reservations may be cancelled by the Guest up to 1pm on the day of arrival and where the Guest has not checked in to Witton Hall.

3.2  Cancellations are valid where made by the Guest in writing to Witton Hall and must contain the details of the booking reservation that needs to be cancelled including Guest’s name, address and any booking reservation number. 

3.3  A booking reservation which has not been cancelled by the Guest in accordance with these Guest Terms & Conditions of Stay and where a Guest does not show up will be cancelled by Witton Hall for any subsequent days and a charge made equal to the value of the stay.

3.4  Witton Hall reserves the right to cancel the reservation at any time where: 

(a)  The Guest’s use of the Witton Hall’s facilities may, in the reasonable opinion of Witton Hall, be prejudicial to the reputation of Witton Hall; or 

(b)  In the reasonable opinion of Witton Hall, a reservation was made fraudulently or in violation of these Guest Terms or any other terms applicable to Guest’s reservation. 

Any refund payable in such circumstances is at the sole discretion of Witton Hall. Guests are advised to discuss any contentious or controversial purposes of their reservation with Witton Hall prior to booking. 


4.1  Witton Hall will charge the Guest the tariff specified in the Booking Terms.

4.2  Payment is required in advance or upon check-in for the estimated charges for the number of suite nights.  Witton Hall reserves the right to refuse entry to the Guest until such pre-payment is received. Should the pre-payment exceed the total charges, Witton Hall will refund the balance to the Guest on departure, using the same payment method.

4.3  Witton Hall reserves the right to demand payment of amounts accruing to a Guest’s account at any time and to preclude the Guest from continuing to occupy Witton Hall should this demand not be met.

4.4  Should the Guest fail to pay his/her account on demand, Witton Hall reserves the right to remove the Guest’s property from their Suite and to store the same until the account has been paid; for which Witton Hall may charge the Guest reasonable storage and administrative costs. Witton Hall has a lien on the Guest’s property which it may sell to pay the account and shall refund the balance, if any, to the Guest. The Guest shall indemnify Witton Hall for any losses suffered by way of a Guest failing to pay their account.  Any continued reservation is contingent upon the Guest’s pre-payment in cleared funds.

4.5  Witton Hall may at its discretion use accredited agents for specific services and invoice the agent concerned for these services.  Witton Hall reserves the right to refuse to accept any vouchers from agents at its sole discretion. Witton Hall will not disclose any rates that have been agreed with agents for the services provided. Agents may not disclose the confidential rates agreed with Witton Hall.

4.6  Witton Hall may, at its sole discretion, agree to grant credit to a Guest during their stay and reserves the right to demand payment at any time from the Guest for any balance accruing.  Payment of credit accounts must be made within 14 days of departure of the Guest or such other shorter period that has been notified to the Guest in advance. Should there be a dispute as to the account, the non-disputed amount shall be paid immediately and as soon as the dispute has been resolved, the disputed amount shall be paid forthwith.


5.1  Subject to these Guest Terms & Conditions of Stay, the Guests shall occupy the suite as bare licensee only and no relationship of landlord and tenant shall be created by the Guest’s use of the suite. Witton Hall retains control, possession and management of the suite and the Guest agrees that he/she shall not have exclusive possession of any suite. Witton Hall may in its absolute discretion move the Guest and/or allow Witton Hall employees access to service, repair, tidy and clean the room from time to time.

5.2  It is a condition precedent that the Guest may only occupy the suite following check-in where he/she has: (i) completed and signed the guest booking registration card; (ii) provided identification; and (iii) provided advanced payment.  Only those Guests to whom a suite is allocated may occupy the room.  Guests are not permitted to resell or transfer their booking. Witton Hall will use reasonable endeavors to ensure a suite is available for occupation by the Guest at the stated check in time. 

5.3  During occupancy of the suite and whilst on Witton Hall grounds the Guests will not:

(a)  Make excessive noise;

(b)  Damage or remove Witton Hall property, whether in the suite or on any part of the grounds. Any damage or removal will be paid for by the Guest and amounts to be paid shall at the sole discretion of Witton Hall;

(c)  Leave the room in a disorderly state or such state as will cause distress to the cleaners;

(d)  Use any electrical appliance, other than those supplied or approved by Witton Hall, in particular electric water heaters, cooking devices, any equipment greater than 3 kWh or, where stated,  greater than the kilowatts stated on any particular socket;

(e)  Smoke in any suite or on Witton Hall premises except in designated smoking areas;

(f)  Park a car or other vehicle otherwise than as agreed by Witton Hall or cause obstruction around the grounds of Witton Hall;

(g)  Bring or allow into their suite any person other those allocated to the suite, particularly after 8pm, and will cooperate with Witton Hall in having such persons removed;

(h)  Enter or occupy any suite which has not been allocated to them or obstruct any common parts of Witton Hall;

(i)  interfere with other guests, their property or their enjoyment and peaceful stay at Witton Hall;

(j)  Bring into Witton Hall any animal or pet other than Guide Dogs;

(k)  do or permit anything which is illegal or which may become a nuisance including the infringement of any third party intellectual property rights in particular whilst using Witton Hall’s internet connection;

(l)  Comply with health and safety and fire regulations displayed at Witton Hall

5.4  During the stay the Guest will produce identification, by way of the booking confirmation issued at the time of registration, as evidence of Guest’s occupancy at Witton Hall should it be required in the Witton Hall Fitness Centre, other areas and at any time on the premises in the interests of safety and security. 

5.5  Upon check-out the Guest will notify Witton Hall’s reception desk of departure and pay all outstanding charges that are due.

6.  CAR PARKING TERMS (where applicable)

6.1  Subject to this clause and upon request by the Guest, Witton Hall permits the Guest to use such car park space as Witton Hall may in its sole discretion allot to the Guest (“Space”) for the duration of the Guest’s stay or visit to Witton Hall.  The Guest may only occupy the Space once the required details have been completed on the guest booking registration form.   

6.2  The Guest acknowledges that occupation of the Space by the Guest is as a bare licensee only and no relationship of landlord and tenant shall be created by the Guest’s use of the Space. The Guest also agrees that he/she shall not have exclusive possession of any Space. Witton Hall may in its absolute discretion request the car is moved by the Guest for example in order to perform repairs and clean the Space. 

6.3  Cars are parked at the Guest’s own risk and Witton Hall cannot guarantee the security of your car or its contents.  Guests are advised to ensure cars are locked securely, that all windows are securely closed and possessions left out of sight and that the car’s alarm is engaged.  Please contact Witton Hall prior to booking to determine any height, or other, restrictions. 

6.4  The Guest shall:

(a)  Drive carefully in the Witton Hall car park and not obstruct entrances or exits including parking in allocated parking areas;

(b)  Not make any alteration to the space nor cause any damage to Witton Hall or to any property of the owners.  Any damage caused shall be immediately reported to the management of Witton Hall and damages caused to another vehicle should be reported by the Guest to the owner of the vehicle;

(c)  Ensure his/her car is registered with the DVLA, has a valid vehicle tax disc, has a current MOT certificate (where required), is insured and is roadworthy and complies with all relevant laws;

(d)  Not display any advertisement, or notices at the space and not conduct any business activity in the car park for example in connection with selling, hiring or other disposal of vehicles or goods or services;

(e)  Not cause any nuisance or inconvenience, deposit rubbish other than in proper receptacles nor pour or transfer fuels within the car park; and

(f)  Ensure that all security barriers or gates at the entrances to and exits from the car park are operated correctly and closed after use and/or to return to the Management of Witton Hall any keys and gate security controllers to any security barriers or gates to the car park when this license ends. 

(g)  Agree that for safety reasons no-one is entitled to remain in the car park except for the purposes of parking or removing cars. 


7.1  This Agreement and any licenses granted within shall end on the earlier of:

(a)  the date and time upon which the Guest checks out of Witton Hall, finishes the use of the allotted car parking or otherwise the accommodation services ordinarily cease and

(b)  Witton Hall gives notice of termination with immediate effect if the Guest breaches any of the Guest Terms & Conditions of Stay at Witton Hall.

7.2  Termination is without prejudice to the rights of either party in connection with any prior breach of these Guest Terms & Conditions of Stay at Witton Hall. 


8.1  Guests are advised to be adequately insured, to be vigilant and to take reasonable care over their property generally and especially in spaces accessible to the public as Witton Hall is not responsible for theft, loss or damage caused by third parties outside their control.

For all Guests:

8.2  For the avoidance of doubt, Witton Hall does not accept any liability for theft, loss or damage caused to any vehicle or its contents whilst parked on Witton Hall property and as such any vehicles and contents are left entirely at the Guest’s risk.

8.3  A £200 fee shall be charged for smoking in guest suites as this is not permitted, except for designated smoking areas.

8.4  The Guest shall keep Witton Hall indemnified in full against all direct, indirect or consequential liabilities, loss, damages, injury, costs and expenses awarded against or incurred or paid by Witton Hall as a result of or in connection with:

(a)  The Guest’s breach of the Guest Terms;

(b)  Any infringement or alleged infringement of any intellectual property rights by the Guest during the stay at Witton Hall;

(c)  Any damage caused to Witton Hall’s premises (or contents) whether or not owned by Witton Hall, caused by the Guest.


9.1   Except as set out above, Witton Hall will not use Guest information given for any other purpose unless the Guest agrees or unless Witton Hall is required or permitted to do so by law. By agreeing to the Guest Terms and making a confirmed booking you are signifying your consent (and that of your Group) to your personal data being processed in accordance with the above statement. 


10.1  Witton Hall accepts a number of credit cards as listed on its web site. All such credit cards are accepted in accordance with the regulations of the credit card company concerned.

10.2  These Guest Terms are governed by the laws of England and Wales and each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this agreement or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims).

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